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About Capital Pomsky

Pomskys..... I must say I have a soft spot for them.  Smart and adorable. With the confidence of a Husky without the whine of a Pom.  Who could ask for more.  Not to mention we all need more love!  I just have to share these dogs with the world.  I breed for great temperaments, but they sure are cute too!.  I spent years researching the Pomsky and getting to know the best breeders.  I wanted to form a relationship with the breeders and have a mentor too.  So the pups I have come from an amazing background which is evident in not just their looks but their temperament.  Which for me that is key - sure we all want pretty pups, but we also want one that can be trained and enjoyed for a lifetime.  The parents and pups are raised in our home.  They are our family.  The mom whelps next to my bed and I keep a watchful eye on the mom and pups.  I work on socialization, adding concepts from the "puppy culture" methodology, to support not only their neurological development but their confidence and joy for living with their humans.  Lastly, I don't stop learning; from genetic testing, to new ways to socialize your pup, I am always seeking to improve and by doing so, I can provide you with a wonderful addition to your family.  Many of our families came back to get a second (and third) pup from us, if you would like references from them, or other breeders, let me know.

What makes us different?

Our Team
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