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Wait List

We are not a puppy mill nor are we a backyard breeder.  We are responsible and legitimate breeders who are seeking to better the Pomsky breed and bring quality puppies to families.  We selectively breed, and if the male or female are not ready, we don't force it; therefore, we don't always have pups available. Should you want to get on the wait list and perhaps even have the pick of the litter we keep an active list.  This is how it works:


  1. You are placed on the list in the order that we receive your deposit.

  2. When puppies are born and are old enough to determine eye color (normally at 4-5 weeks), we will price them and offer them to our waitlist, in order.

  3. You are welcome to pass and go on to the next litter.

  4. Your $500 deposit is non-refundable and goes toward the cost of your puppy and you can keep waiting for the perfect pup and hold your spot.

  5. Our pups are priced depending on fur color, eye color and if they have husky markings. B/W with blue eyes and perfect husky mask is the Pomsky equivalent of nirvana and are the most expensive (this is true across the board for all Pomsky breeders)

  6. We never over stack our wait list - if it is open then that means you will get your pup within the next few litters.


If interested, please email us at for the application or text me your email at 703-403-4747

PDF of the 23/24 Application is attached.

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