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Application *.PDF provided above
Fill out and email to
or screen shot it to 703-403-4747 text
More pictures and videos on my facebook page called "Capital Pomsky"

4 pups Ready to go now - vet checked, woolie, chill temperaments like their mom, grandma, and great grandparents!  Spring is a perfect time to get a pup while the weather is mild and house training is easier.

$2000-2500 depending on pup

  • Female black and tan - tracking to 10 pounds as an adult

  • Male black and tan - with white paw, tracking to 15 pounds

  • Male black and tan  - tracking to 17 pounds

  • Male merle fur pattern -  tracking to 22 pounds






Coming in Spring/Summer/Fall 2024


Wait list is open for Upcoming spring and summer litter with Raven/Sugar/Peaches/Rory/Betty and Spice (stud) Pups -- $2800-3500 depending on pup (lots of blue eyes, husky mask, and small sizes expected)


If you have a "look" or "size" in mind, you should we recommend to get on the wait list with approved application and deposit so you can get your pick. Right now only 2 on wait list so you will get your perfect pomsky!


Smaller pups and those with a b/w mask blue eyes go fast. And we expect a lot of those this year!

Interested in an older Pomsky?

From time to time we have retired breeding dogs available.  Priority goes to those that already have a pup from us, then we open it up to the general public.  


or text at 703-403-4747
And I can send you the intake form/application
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